About IFPC

IFPC has worked with organisations in the private and public sectors for many years in leadership development, coaching and transformation. Our team includes relevant and recent experience as CEO’s, COO’s, Coaching Professionals, Performance Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Business Development Professionals – we believe that the alchemy of our combined experience is what sets us apart in our ability to serve our clients.

IFPC offers a digital coaching, time and life management system that has been proven to make peoples’ lives easier by putting an end to lists on paper and in Outlook. Individuals, employees and entrepreneurs are saving time and becoming more effective and fulfilled through the use of the system. Organisations can now utilise live dashboards, with a finger on the pulse of the organisation, to embed coaching cultures in a way that was never before possible.

We are building a Global community of leading coaching and consulting professionals who each tap into collective knowledge about implementing leading edge solutions and therefore provide better services to clients.

Our mission is to connect, enable and support the coaching and consulting industry.

Why Is “Business As Usual” No Longer Desirable?

Business As Usual… …With IFPC

Being Isolated

Being demotivated and alone as a solo practitioner at times, lower earning power

Connecting with Industry Leaders

Collaborating online and in person with peers. Working predictably in teams without losing professional independence

Creating Tools and Methodologies

Time spent on creating new frameworks and away from generating revenue from coaching, consulting and clients

State of the Art Frameworks and Methodologies

Access to innovative tools, resources and methodologies that are being used by best practice organisations

Limited Resources

Trying to keep up with industry news, standards and developments

Access to Collective Knowledge and Communities

Seminars, expert calls, online resources, tools, templates, thought leadership

Earning Less Than You Deserve

Spending time on proposals and competing against other coaches and consultants

Generating More Revenue

Ability to spend time coaching and selling, leveraging tools, resources and peers

IFPC is all about connecting you with the tools and community you need to succeed as a coach or consultant in today’s world. Clients gain the benefit of benchmarked coaching and consulting services.

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    • IFPC offers a digital coaching, time and life management system that has been proven to make peoples. lives easier. Find out more here.
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