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I have been using Mi Purpose in my coaching and mentoring practice for We Are The City and it is brilliant. My mentees and coachees say that it helps them reduce overwhelm and stay on track and I can see their progress, plans and goals in my own branded coaching room. It really helps me to serve more clients in a supportive and professional way as I can see them all in the same place and use the technology to keep myself updated and also help them stay on track with their commitments.

Vanessa Vallely, Head of Business Management, Aviva Investors

I am a process and efficiency specialist and I like breaking things down into quarters. I actually sometimes even advise clients to break things into month increments, so they seem less overwhelming – for instance, trying to gross $120k seems more achievable if it’s broken down into $10k per month, and then into needing only XX clients/projects per month. I also love how you can categorizing tasks. In my world, this is called affinitizing, and it’s super helpful for folks to see if they are well-rounded in their activities. I like your coaching tip to schedule blocks of time for tasks in the same category. The visual dashboards with color-coding are very powerful!

Marliese Bartz, Operations Black Belt, Lean Six Sigma, Sarbanes Oxley

As a genuinely sceptical person with regard to self assessment and motivation, I did not believe that I would gain enough that could re-align my thoughts on the subject, let alone re-align my direction in life. However, I was amazed. I am still amazed. I still have motivation, which must be a first from a course for me and am continuing on my new life trail. I have also shared some aspects of the course with friends who have embraced the challenge and are now also thinking about their direction. Yesterday, I ordered my new planner, Mi Purpose!

Michelle Stodell, Project Manger, Serco

The content and the software is excellent. It’s superb. Well done.

Ian Young

Tracey is a great coach who assists you in pinpointing your own core beliefs, without pushing her or others’ points of view upon you. I highly recommend her!

Malin Holmberg, CEO Tele2, Croatia

Productivity find of the decade.

Steve Trister, trainer and comedy actor