IFPC has worked with organisations in the private and public sectors for many years in leadership development, coaching, consulting and transformation.

IFPC offers a digital coaching, time and life management system that has been proven to make peoples’ lives easier by putting an end to lists on paper and in Outlook. Individuals, employees and entrepreneurs are saving time and becoming more effective and fulfilled through the use of the system. Organisations can now utilise live dashboards, with a finger on the pulse of the organisation, to embed coaching cultures in a way that was never before possible.

IFPC brings a wealth of experience which also supports and encourages individual coaches and consultants in building their professional practices through team development which will enrich the IFPC Community for everybody. There is power in being part of a larger community of practitioners who are willing to share best practice. Holding each other accountable, we continue to transform the lives of ourselves and our community and improve the performance, productivity and profitability of businesses and organisations, both large and small.

IFPC is a forum for best practice and standardised coaching, consulting and performance benchmarks where you can tap into our latest research and methodologies. The commitment to constant and never ending improvement and professional standards is achieved through gathering data from partner clients and sharing best practice through our professional communities of IFPC coaches and consultants and, of course our corporate clients.