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Mindset and Manifesting Tools Number 2

I hope you are having a wonderful Good Friday and are taking some time out to recharge over the Easter weekend. And at the end of the Easter break, will you hit the ground running and be raring to go? If not, what’s stopping you? Where are you stuck? Do you know what you want from life and how to get it?

Life can sometimes require that we reflect and maybe this is a reflective or quiet time for you too. If so, save these M&M (Mindset and Manifesting) tools for later and be gentle with yourself.

On the other hand, if you are raring to go and have fully embraced the concept of CANI from tool number 1, then you may know already that fear can hold us back. That little four letter word is all pervasive and I see it everywhere in behaviour that isn’t fully present and in the moment. How often do you witness a person fully embracing life? I guarantee it is a rare sight to see somebody fully in the flow and doing whatever life presents without filtering.

What happens when we filter? We make up stories about why we shouldn’t do something or we justify why something won’t work. We intellectualise so that we can be ‘right’ or we follow logic only, and rarely trust intuition. In other words we block off the power that is flow.

The second manifesting tool is:

Learn how to deal with fear.

dealng with fear

A few years ago I ran some workshops called the F Word to help people learn how to control their physiology when they had irrational fears such as Public Speaking. We had one of those events professionally filmed and edited and it is now available for all on my personal website – http://tracey-carr.co.uk/success-shop/the-f-word/

Why not use the Easter period to practise some of the techniques you will find in your instant download video of the F Word – http://tracey-carr.co.uk/success-shop/the-f-word/

Have a very Happy Easter whatever you are doing!!

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