For Entrepreneurs

Mi Purpose is a personalised online platform that enables business owners to increase profits through people performance.

Imagine how it would feel to have a way to track the performance of your team or your clients toward your business goals? Imagine having a dashboard where you can see a live snapshot of their quarterly and monthly goals against their annual plan for your business.

Using this powerful and adaptable software platform you can create a coaching and performance room of your own that can be tailored to the needs of your business including the ability to edit the environment to suit your needs and add your own logo and branding.

The system has been created to take your employees or clients through a process that allows them to create My Plan and Track My Plan which then provides a 12-month plan aligned to the overall goals of the business, quarterly goal setting, monthly planning, weekly chunking and daily task lists as part of a fully-interactive calendar for all your commitments: meetings, to-do’s and tasks

We help businesses thrive with this unique system that links performance to people, helping you to realise your most important goals for the next 12 months and keep all of your team on track in a systematic traceable way that takes the confusion and overwhelm out of people performance.

All of this can be accessed by you and your team from your desktop or tablet. Now also available as an app that will eliminate the need for confusing multiple task lists forever!

What’s in it for me?

  • Fourteen carefully designed questions that you will edit around the success of your business or practice. We will guide you in choosing questions that will uncover your team’s expectations, accomplishments, vision, challenges, key beliefs and desires
  • An interactive Wheel of Business that you can edit to map against your business objectives
  • A vision board to capture all their important roles
  • A certificate that every employee or client can print out and keep called My Plan
  • Daily task lists as part of a fully-interactive calendar for all your commitments: meetings, to-do’s and tasks
  • Quarterly goal setting for Three Super Goals aligned to your annual vision
  • A Monthly Compass mailed straight to their in box to keep them on track
  • Tools for measuring monthly commitments and results against Roles of Excellence that you design
  • Dump/Chunk/Do, also available as an app, that allows everybody to dump all of the thoughts from their head and all the lists into one simple column on their phone, tablet or desktop. Then chunk them according to what is most important to them for their annual Plan
  • A full record of activity for each employee to use in monthly managerial, one-to-one coaching sessions or annual appraisal

Our Promise: To serve you in being more successful in your business by moving away from stress and overwhelm to having more control over your business, your team and your goals by linking your long-term vision to a system that takes care of the rest.

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