For Individuals

Mi Purpose is an online platform that enables anyone to self-coach towards extraordinary results.

Imagine how it would feel to have your dream career, happy and fulfilled relationships, knowing that your finances are under control and enough time to do whatever you please. Does that sound impossible? We don’t believe it is and we want to share the secrets of ‘how to’ with you.

Using this powerful programme, anyone can literally change their life with the investment of a few hours a month. We can say this because we have worked with 20,000 people to help them take back control of what’s important to them.

Using a proven guided system we take you through a process that allows you to create My Plan and Track My Plan which provides a twelve month plan, quarterly goal setting, monthly planning, weekly chunking and a daily task list and interactive calendar.

Mi Purpose

Mi Purpose helps you to realise your most important goals for the next twelve months and stay on track by accessing your own private account simply and easily from your desktop or tablet.

What’s in it for me?

  • Fourteen carefully designed questions that help you to discover the life you could be living. Uncover your expectations, accomplishments, dreams, challenges, key beliefs and desires
  • An interactive Wheel of Life to help you stay in command of the whole of your life
  • A vision board for all important life roles
  • A certificate to print out and keep called My Plan
  • Quarterly goal setting for three Super Goals
  • A Monthly Compass emailed straight to your inbox to keep you on track
  • Monthly vision setting against your Roles of Excellence
  • Dump/Chunk/Do so that you can dump all the thoughts from your head and all the list on bits of paper into one simple column. Then once a week, you “chunk” them according to what’s most important to you. (Don’t worry, we’ll show you how.)
  • Daily task lists as part of a fully-interactive calendar for all your commitments: meetings, social and personal commitments, gym sessions and walks on the beach

Our Promise: To serve as many people as possible by moving away from stress, and someone else’s agenda, to having more time for walks on the beach or in the park by living a life that is happy, fulfilled and self-designed.

Pay it forward: Anybody who uses Mi Purpose is invited to work with us in finding a person in need that we can help by gifting this coaching system to.

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