For Organisations

IFPC delivers a tailored performance management software service called Fast Performance where you can design your own solutions around organisational objectives and receive reporting on data that is meaningful to you.

Reports and dashboards might include the ability to:

  • See the differences between divisions (in performance or wellbeing for example)
  • Identify where training or coaching interventions
    may be required
  • Assess where to target information, support and resources based on relevant information
  • Identify and reward high achievers

The management information provided by Fast Performance will give organisations a clear and concise view of how their staff are not only spending their time but how they are impacting upon business objectives for user defined time periods (month, quarter, year) and so providing supporting evidence for changes in existing performance data.

As well as providing business critical data, the live information will allow managers and teams to have on-going development dialogues and timely coaching interventions when performance dips whilst at the same time providing instantaneous recognition for a job well done.

The system will allow business leaders to quickly and accurately analyse the data in ways that were previously impossible.

Now businesses will be able to identify opportunities to increase employee value adding activity, which will not only increase productivity but impact upon the bottom line through cost savings in traditional manual processes.

IFPC helps you to achieve a coaching culture based on performance that gets results, significantly cuts costs and increases profits.

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