Fast Performance Tailored Live Reporting

Mi Purpose for employees gives unique insight to business.

We pride ourselves on providing the solution to the link between people and performance, providing a unique “snapshot” of the pulse of the organisation at any one time. This snapshot gives CEOs, COOs, HR Directors, Sales Directors or Business Owners information and intelligence about any or all of the following tailored services.

Customised Services

    Cumulative year to date data to:

  • Identify peaks and troughs in performance
  • Allow trend analysis
  • Highlight where targeted interventions might be needed

    Monthly compass scores to:

  • Assess departments, managers, teams and users
  • Give managers the tools to understand their business better
  • Reward high performing and support poor performing areas

    Identifying tasks or activities that:

  • Are non-value adding that then can be removed, so that all tasks add value to the organisational objectives
  • Align resources efficiently
  • Provide information on how the organisation is using its resource
In summary, Fast Performance can be tailored precisely to your organisational needs:

  • Proactive management
  • Contribute to employee wellbeing and work/life balance
  • Develop a coaching culture
  • A consistent and unified approach to managerial one to ones
  • Appraisals that are based on recorded fact
  • A dashboard giving a live snapshot or “mood button”
  • A structured approach to performance and management
  • Targeted coaching
  • Identification of savings
  • Aligning resource to tasks
  • Reducing waste such as rework, delays and overproduction

If you would like to discuss how we can work with you to achieve all of the above and more please email or call +44 330 1110005.