Pricing Models

Rate Card & PricingEnd
Unique user MBYE login and interactive wheel of lifeoooo
Comprehensive user guide oooo
My Plan (Coaching questions, super goals)oooo
Personalised area for inspiration (Vision, purpose) oooo
Track My Plan (Quarterly, monthly, weekly goals)oooo
Dump, chunk do app (eliminate lists forever!) oooo
Calendar for daily activity oooo
Regular reminders and rewards by email oooo
IFPC Certificate to print out and keep oooo
Works on all devices (use as you go)oooo
Certified IFPC Coach ***
5 MBYE Tokens value £720***
Wholesale prices for MBYE at £86 (RRP £144)***
Affiliate links for your website or social media ***
Full set of facilitator notes and user guides ***
Unique coaching room with access to client dashboard ***
Full editing and tailoring functionality including logo ***
Monthly newsletters ***
Inclusion to our coaches database ***
Regular Global Meet virtual events for IFPC coaches & consultants to share ideas ***
Certified IFPC Consultant ~~
10 MBYE Tokens value £1440~~
Resale license that gives you a 20% introduction fee on new referral IFPC coaches or consultants~~
Work closely with the IFPC sales and business development team ~~
Monthly business mastermind meetings with key leaders from IFPC ~~
Resale licence that gives you 30% of total revenue on corporate contracts ~~
Full training and support on MBYE and Fast Performance ~~
Access to a large warm database of leads ~~
Live and in depth reporting on employee performance by division/department/team or manager providing a live snapshot of the entire organisation ~~

^ MBYE Mi Purpose digital time and life management system
^ By Consultation

Pay it forward: Anybody who uses My Best Year Ever is invited to work with us in finding a person in need that we can help by gifting this coaching system to.

If you would like to be considered as an IFPC Coach or Consultant please email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.