Professional Consultants

The International Forum for Professional Coaching is an industry first, created to help and support coaches, consultants and performance specialists to fulfil their dreams by enhancing the services they offer to their clients and helping them to grow.

Our mission is connection and our aim is to connect you with success by creating a pro-active support community and access to leaders in the field of human potential.

We do this in four ways. We help you to:

  • Generate more revenue
  • Connect with an exceptional peer group – on-line and face to face
  • Serve your clients with state of the art on-line coaching, goal setting and time management tools
  • Enjoy a great learning experience through team calls, seminars, expert appearances and an online resource library with key documents including coaching contract templates, free books, videos and useful articles.

Our vision is simple in its concept and deliverability.

We want to end the culture of coaching being delivered by highly skilled people who have found themselves in the isolated position of working as a ‘one man band’ without the challenge and support of a network, an organisation that makes them proud and in which they earn what they deserve.

We work with you to achieve four important things:

  • Personal excellence
  • Better connection with those who hold you accountable, and those who are accountable to you, for the services you provide
  • Contribution to an active community of inspiring and entrepreneurial professionals that is fully rewarded
  • Benchmarking: to systemise, support and enable colleagues for a consistent client experience

All of our Founders and Executive Board members are connected to and working in the corporate world, business schools and national organisations. You can read more about the IFPC team and community here.

We Are Currently Recruiting Founding Partners for our USA Launch

You will be joining an organisation that is committed to helping you grow your business and build residual income while better serving your clients.

If this opportunity appeals to your heart and your head then please speak to the person who introduced you to IFPC or call us on +44 (0)330 111 0005. We are selecting people who have a good entrepreneurial spirit and will add value to our community.